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Geremy Cajtak

Geremy Cajtak is a Uruguayan content creator with more than 20 years of experience.


He studied music, singing, acting, production, sound engineering, film sound design, video post production, graphic design, marketing, communication, NLP and psychology.

He was born in 1982 and has worked since he was very young as a singer, advertising music composer, professional announcer, radio host, music producer, sound technician, marketing consultant, performance coach, web designer, graphic designer, cinematographer, and music video director on various projects over the years.

For 10 years he was the frontman of the Uruguayan band "The Party Band", a music and humor show that had several hits and toured several countries in South America.


After retiring from music, in 2019 he sold all his belongings, bought 3 cameras and 1 drone and moved from Uruguay to Bali, Indonesia, for almost 1 year. There he developed his first own content on YouTube called "Mi Nuevo Destino" ("My New Destination" or "My new Destiny" as the word "destino" in Spanish means both things) which narrates in a fun, dynamic and very engaging way, his personal story leaving behind his identity as musician and going in search of a new identity as the adventure develops.

For this project he learned how to use resources like "Story Blocks" or "Epidemic Sound" to enhance the experience of his content.


After Bali he lived for a while in Germany, where he was studying the German language, but the pandemic made him return to his homeland, where he currently lives.


Geremy is self-taught in much of his knowledge and loves challenges that can teach him new tools and strategies for work and life.


He is a fan of personal development, tutorial videos, technology, science, videos that explain how things work or how things are built, music and F1 racing.


He follows Derek Sivers, Jack Conte, Tim Ferriss, Ali Abdaal, Marques Brownlee, Thomas Frank, August Bradley, Tiago Forte, Marie Poulin, Colin and Samir, Peter McKinnon, Video Copilot, OwlKitty, Gerald Undone, Make Art Now, Casey Neistat, Film Riot, Simone Giertz, What I've Learned, Veritasium, Tom Scott, Engineer Guy and Vsauce among others.


His philosophy of life is to work only on things that contribute something to the world or to his community and not just chase money.



Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Davincci Resolve, Luma Fusion, Photo Shop, Pro Tools & Reason. 


Notion, Trello, Wix (advanced web design), Glide Apps (I create my own apps for productivity and tasks), Story Blocks, Epidemic Sound.


Camera, DP, editing, grading, sound design, motion graphics, tracking, keying & VFX.

Music composing, production, mixing & mastering.

Graphic and web design.


Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese.

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